Monday 14 February 2011


Over the last year I have been working, with the help of a a small team, on a Mandatory CPD proposal for the AMI. This was to be voted on at the AMI AGM on the weekend of 29th/30th January.
Prior to the AGM I took part in a workshop by Chris Ensoll titled Turbo Short Roping. This was an excellent day and challenged the way I have previously managed two people on a rope in the terrain that short roping is suitable. Thanks Chris a good day as agreed by all that took part.

Well the AGM kicked off at 5pm and soon I was puting my case forward. There are a few folk unhappy with the idea and voiced this but the vote was very positive. 93 Yes, 5 No and 6 Abstained. So that was fantastic news and I was then to stand as Chair of the association.

So there are now 3 challenging years ahead as Chair but exciting ones to. For more information on the AMI please click the logo below.

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