Sunday 6 March 2011

Filming in Easegill cave

On Tuesday 1st March I trained Mike and Dave who work for Icon films to SRT (Single Rope Technique) at the Lakeland Climbing Centre (AKA Kendal Wall). This was in preparation for a descent of Link Pot in Easegill the next day in search of Bats with Professor John Altringham. The filming was for the One Show, I'll post when it is due to go on telly.
The training went very well and both Mike and Dave picked up the skills very quickly.

The next morning we met Professor John, Anita who works with John, Ian Burton the cameraman (Asgard Project and Onsight fame) and Mike, Dave and Charlie (from Icom) in Casterton.
The weather was fantastic and to cut a long day short we descended found hybernating bats, filmed all day and ascended in darkness - a very successful day.

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